Automate enterprise data management with python scripts

Automate enterprise data management with python scripts

Do you want to learn the easiest language used in GIS customization? In this course the basics of Python are taught in the context of data management. This language can be used as the logic to run new interface functions or as scripts to manipulate data. We will show you how to do both within the existing ESRI user interface and as a macro run independently of any software. Students will gain a powerful skill to develop new tools that save time on large enterprise datasets.

Portfolio skills:

  • Python programming
  • Data QA
  • Data conflation
  • Metadata
  • ArcToolBox Scripts
  • UI Controls in ArcGIS
  • Native Python executables

Course Format:

24 hours of online instructional time. All software included in our development sandbox.

  • Option 1: Knowledge builder self paced video COMING SOON
  • Option 2: Professional builder video and instructor led interactions. Eligible to earn Enterprise GIS Certificate

Your Instructor

Ben Sloboda
Ben Sloboda

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you Start and Finish?
Knowledge builder classes are asynchronous and can be started anytime. Professional builder classes are offered in a monthly window where instructor offers interaction time and project advisement. During this window, you may start and finish the course as quickly as you like. Projects are due by the final day, where the instructor reviews your class project to determine credit.
What kind of certificate is offered?
If you take our professional builder synchronous courses, our instructors sign off on all project completions. When you complete any 6 courses, you will receive an Enterprise GIS Professional Certificate.
Will I have access to my instructor?
You can purchase the video-only course or upgrade option to access elite practitioner educators for personal assistance.
Do the classes have to be taken in any special order?
Professional builder courses are taken on a rolling basis as your interest and schedule allows.
Will I be able to access a development environment?
All courses come complete with cloud and development environments. Some courses require a special Enterprise Student licensing which is offered here at a cost of $100/year.

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