Enterprise Bootcamp GIS

Learn from experts in the GIS industry earning you an enterprise GIS certificate!

Course Catalog

BGIS 600 / Turn your spatial idea into a successful startup

BGIS 614 / Use ArcGIS Pro for Resource Management Planning with the BLM

BGIS 601 / Build an enterprise portal for your large organization

BGIS 602 / Agile agency GeoInnovation

BGIS 603 / Apply geospatial web tools to large scale forest planning

BGIS 605 / Stand up a map server on AWS

BGIS 613 / Create a natural disaster map for FEMA

BGIS 609 / Automate enterprise data management with Python scripts

BGIS 607 / Create map services for the utility industry

BGIS 606 / Program an open source mapping application

BGIS 610 / Program a java dashboard for statewide cultural resources

BGIS 608 / Process GIS data captured by drones

BGIS 611 / Enforce a geospatial cybersecurity plan

BGIS 612 / Implement location based services in android apps