Enterprise Bootcamp GIS

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Course Catalog

BGIS 600 – Turn Your Spatial Idea into a Successful Startup

BGIS 601 – Build a GIS Data Portal for Emergency Services

BGIS 602 – Using GIS Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to validate your project

BGIS 603 – Apply Geospatial Web Tools to Large-Scale Forest Planning

BGIS 604 – Automate Data Conversion into an AWS GIS Repository using FME

BGIS 605 – Learn Python / ArcServer to Setup a Tax Assessor Application

BGIS 606 – Design a Field Collection Workflow: Smartphone to GIS Dashboard

BGIS 607 – Build a Dashboard for a COVID-19 Hotline Calling System

BGIS 608 – Leverage UAV (Drone) Data for Environmental Projects

BGIS 609 – Agile Management of a Modern GIS

BGIS 610 - Define a GIS Framework that Supports Your Strategic Plan

BGIS 611 - Lead the GeoDesign Process for Urban Planning

BGIS 612 - Setup AWS Map Services for Wildfire Assessments

BGIS 613 - Leveraging GIS for Disaster Risk Reduction

BGIS 614 - Analyze Pandemic Food Insecurity Using Data Science and GIS